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Newsflash: Extensive Glove Archive Uncovered

A RARE collection of rubber glove photos unearthed from a north Wales computer archive has stunned local cats.

More than 10 photos of sacrificial gloves, including a unique blue glove, were discovered as the short haired human searched around on his external hard drive for an unrelated photo of a building.

Hidden for months, the photos provide a unique insight into the rubber glove collecting habits of a local black cat in June and July 2011.

Experts said the discovery disproved the myth that Jessie failed to bring any gloves back to the house between April 2011 and January 2012.

Instead, they said it showed Jessie had collected a wide range of gloves, from left handed to right handed, clean to dirty, in singles and in pairs.

The short haired human said that he knew immediately that he had stumbled upon a rare find.

“It was easy to see it was something special but we weren’t able to confirm that until someone with more knowledge had a look,” he said.

“The trouble is that there simply isn’t another collection like this in the world. As far as we know, Jessie is unique.”

Silky, a local cat, said the discovery could alter perceptions of the era.

She said: “This collection gives us our first proper overview of Jessie’s activities around July last year.

“Its enormous size not only gives us insights into what kind of gloves were available at the time, but also the kind of places that Jessie felt like leaving them.”

with apologies to the Birmingham Mail


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Plastic Ring

Plastic ring

Please accept this humble gift of a set of four-pack plastic rings. This one is special, as it features a flap. The purpose of this flap is not immediately obvious to me; perhaps it is a carrying aid. No matter! The fact remains that a flap is present. I hope it pleases you.

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Rubber Glove

Rubber glove

The sheer physical and mental exertion of finding three gloves in two days means that this one had to be deposited just outside the front gate.

Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 7
Integrity: 10
Eversion: 10
Colour: Yellow

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