Jessie is a black cat originally from Cardiff, but now living in a small market town in north Wales. This is Jessie’s blog, where she proudly shows the world all the gifts she brings home for the two people that share her house.

When we first met Jessie back in mid-2003, we were relieved to find that, unlike other cats, she had no interest in bringing home mice or birds. Instead, though, we’d regularly hear her making that well-known ‘hey I brought you something!’ meowl, and we’d look out of the window to see her proudly strolling across the car park towards the front door, yellow rubber glove clenched firmly between teeth, its fingers wobbling absurdly as she trotted towards us. Yes – a yellow rubber glove. The glove would be dropped at the front door and she’d wait excitedly for one of us to open it. This would happen a couple of times a week. Occasionally, if we’d behaved ourselves, she’d bring us back an extra-special treat – the plastic rings from a four-pack of beer. We still have no idea why.

When we moved to the countryside, a mile from the nearest village, the supply of gloves dried up, and this is when she was forced to resort to bringing back the rather more banal small animal. A poor substitute for the marigold, I’m sure you’ll agree. With no gloves in sight, no vole or shrew could ever consider itself safe. Then one day, months later, that familiar sound at the door. We opened it to find – a pink rubber glove.

We now live in a small market town with virtually unlimited stocks of fresh rubber glove, and Jessie has never been happier or more productive.

Each glove will be rated on a 10-point scale according to the following factors:

Cleanliness: 1 (complete coverage with foreign substance) – 10 (no apparent staining, as new)
Integrity: 1 (in bits, barely recognisable as a glove) – 10 (fully intact)
Eversion: 1 (wholly inside-out) – 10 (right way round and ready-to-wear)

We hope you enjoy the blog, and maybe someone can even shed some light as to why this is all happening. We’d love to know, but Jessie has little interest in explaining.

The Short-haired Human

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  1. Hi,

    I noticed your comment on “Todo sobre fotografia”‘s post which contained my photo, linked at the bottom of this message.

    I’ve sent a request to Google to have the image removed pursuant a copyright claim, and thank you for informing others via the comments that I am the owner of the photo. I hope I may be able to identify the owners of the other photos so I may in turn inform them of infringements.



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