Rubber Glove

From: Cat Scan Forensic Services <>
Subject: Test results

Dear Ms The Cat,

Further to our recent correspondence, I am pleased to enclose test results from your submitted specimen, reference number C4T-0029855. I trust that this provides all the information that you require, however should you wish to discuss these results further, or require any clarification on matters arising, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We thank you once again for using our services and look forward to being of help in the future.

Mr Smudge


Specimen reference: C4T-0029855b
Description: Glove, rubber
DNA trace: 3 previous handlers
Handler 1: Quality control operative Lu Gang Chen, human, south mainland China, 22 human years, black hair.
Handler 2: Unidentified female, human, north Wales, uncertain age, light hair.
Handler 3: Unidentified female, cat, north Wales, 9-10 human years, black hair.
Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 5 (filthy fingers and palm area)
Integrity: 10 (fully intact)
Eversion: 9 (slight wrist-curl)
Colour: Yellow
Match with specimen reference #C4T-0029855a (‘The 27th January Glove’): Yes
Confidence: 99.3%

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