Rubber Glove

Rubber glove

Observation: There has been an unprecedented run of seven consecutive sets of plastic rings. In the cat world, two is considered to be mildly interesting but ultimately fairly unremarkable; three is thought to be interesting and noteworthy, a curious statistical anomaly; four is variously seen as genuinely shocking, bizarre, miraculous, upsetting, supernatural; a run of anything above four, if such a thing is ever even given any consideration at all, is likely believed to have gone so far into the realm of the freakish as to inspire the feeling that a parallel universe has been entered and/or that the end-times are fast approaching. But in the same way that the sun has risen in the east now sufficiently often for us to not only feel confident that it will do so again tomorrow, but in fact for us to go beyond confident belief into the land of brazen, mindless grant-taking, so it is currently felt that a run of seven plastic rings, all deposited in the general area of the front door, has established a pattern so strong, so rigidly and reassuringly predictable, that there will always now be plastic rings.

Objective: Smash the system / break the routine / shock people and cats out of their trance-like acceptance of the status quo.

Proposal 1: Leave a plastic ring by the back door. This creates a gentler form of surprise, since the location is generally seen as secondary to the gift itself. A plastic ring left by the back door is still a plastic ring. But it does suggest that there are alternatives to the routine. This may be too subtle for some observers to fully appreciate, but on the other hand it is unlikely to lead to mass panic and civil unrest.

Proposal 2: A return to basics, in the form of a rubber glove. The shock of change will be softened by the warmth of vague familiarity.

Proposal 3: The introduction of a new and previously unknown gift-type, such as a telephone or prosthetic limb. A clear wake-up call for sure, but risks being too powerful and could lead to outbreaks of violence.

Recommended Course of Action: Proposal 2 – Acquisition of a rubber glove.

Glove Status
Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 9 (occasional spotting)
Integrity: 6 (wrist area is in some disarray)
Eversion: 10 (inside is fully in, outside is fully out)
Colour: Yellow

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