I found a mouse, brought it into the hallway and played with it for ages. What a laugh! Mice are brilliant. Unfortunately by the time the humans found it, it was in a bit of a bad way, and had started leaking. They decided not to photograph it.

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  1. Twister the cat via Gary the human.

    Dear Jessie,

    I have read your blog with a healthy mixture of admiration and excitement, but with a hint of nervousness also. I am endeared yet intrigued by your choice of prey (if it is a little ambidextrously challenged), but also the consistent nature in which you have presented these gifts to your co-habitants. So, you will understand my concern when I notice your last delivery took place 48 human days ago, in which time your generous and busy delivery schedule should have (based on your past performance) involved the capture and transportation of 10 prey items. I am concerned that once the bleaker seasons take a hold your concentration will continue to wonder and the re-pairing, recycling and remembering of these great British rubber gloves will be no more. That will be a very sad day indeed. Very sad.


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