Rubber Gloves

Rubber glove #2

Rubber glove #2

It is possible – although by no means probable – that there exists, somewhere in the world, an ancient folk-saying that translates into English along the following lines:

A pair of gloves is two gloves
But two gloves aren’t necessarily a pair

It’s tempting to be cute and try to turn this into some kind of clever 4-line rhyme with line 1 establishing the set-up, the introduction of the word ‘beware’ as the final part of a new line 2 creating a pleasing rhyme with ‘pair’ in line 4; line 3 would be just filler, necessary to maintain the meter until we get to the payoff at the end. Tempting, but not tempting enough, so I won’t bother.

Anyway, here is the blog’s first multiple glove delivery. It consists of two gloves, but – and I can’t stress this enough – they are not a pair.

Glove #1
Slightly ragged folded glove with red oxide staining and partially ripped wrist.

Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 7
Integrity: 9 (lower wrist seam partially torn)
Eversion: 10
Colour: Yellow

Glove #2
Good, solid example of a yellow rubber glove. Typical light to medium soiling around fingers and thumb. Bit of funny business going on around the wrist, but I put this down to naturally curling of the rubber rather than genuine artificial eversion. Very neatly triple-folded.

Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 7 (light coverage with earthy soil)
Integrity: 10 (fully intact)
Eversion: 10 (right way around, no insides visible as presented)
Colour: Yellow

Here are both gloves side by side:
Rubber gloves #1 & #2

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