Rubber Glove

Rubber glove

Ladies and gentlemen – shout it from the rooftops! Cry out in uninhibited joy! The tyranny of the left-handed glove is (temporarily) over! After a hat-trick of sinister hands to start the blog – who thought it would ever end? – here is our first right-handed specimen. And what a beauty it is! So many wonderful things to say about this one. First of all, it’s filthy. The fingers are extensively stained, as is the palm (not visible in this photo). In places, the muck is really thick – good, solid, weighty staining. Deep, rich, dark red stains. Not just smearing, but big dollops of stuff. Could it be blood? Probably not. Could it?

The glove was left on the steps leading to the front door, over 3 (three) metres from the doormat itself. The first step above ground zero, to be precise. This is a record by some margin, and is actually close to not even being on the property at all.

Another very interesting thing – this is a Night Glove. It was deposited at around 2am.

Orientation: Right hand
Cleanliness: 6 (dirty fingers and palm; unknown red substance)
Integrity: 10 (fully intact)
Eversion: 10 (it must be noted that there are suggestions of melting and crinkling at the end of the wrist, as if caused by exposure to heat or solvent. Strictly, though, this is mild inversion (outside turned in), rather than eversion (inside turned out), so the eversion score must remain as 10.)

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One response to “Rubber Glove

  1. Guasbi

    I greet you thus: Hello Jesse.
    I love yellow.
    I like rubber.
    I am indifferent to gloves.
    I am happy that there is a right handed one too.
    I look forward to reading and seeing more.
    I greet you thus: Goodbye Jesse.

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