Rubber Glove

Rubber glove

Today’s offering is a yellow rubber glove, left partially on the front doormat and partially on the paving stones. There are three stain types – the most extensive is a rusty-red substance present on all fingers (including thumb), but mainly on the palm area. A dark charcoaly smear also appears towards the ends of the fingers. Just visible in the photo is the third stain type, prevalent around the wrist as continuous lighter areas. It is unclear whether this is a substance itself or simply the action of a lightening agent, such as bleach, on the glove material. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this glove, however, is the large split, which extends halfway around the wrist circumference.

Orientation: Left hand
Cleanliness: 6 (moderate staining)
Integrity: 7 (integrity of the wrist area has been compromised, although glove remains whole)
Eversion: 10 (right way round and ready-to-wear)


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3 responses to “Rubber Glove

  1. Hi.

    Been following the site for a while now, and thought this might be a good time to ask: Where did you get your doormat?

    It seems very sturdy, hardy and presentable – despite having to handle vulcanised feline detritus twice!

    Please let me know if you would be willing to sell me such a wondrous mat, if not ‘magic carpet’, that adorns your cat drop-zone.

    I offer you three beans. That might be magical. In that something may grow from them if they are dropped on soil, watered, cared for, and then harvested. Then again, nothing may happen – but that would not rule them out from being magical. Actually may be worth more if so due to ‘mystery’ value.

    The slates I do not like. I am not offering to buy them. Those you may keep.

    • Wanted to clarify that yes, something may grow from the beans if harvested. That’s how magical they are.

    • Many thanks for your interest in the doormat. As I remember, it was purchased from Beresford Adams, and was pretty expensive. But it did come with a free house, so it worked out to be not a bad deal when you consider how much they’d have cost to buy separately. We’re in no rush to part with it – it’s proving to be an excellent glove receptacle. Without it I simply wouldn’t know where to leave stuff!

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